What is creative coaching?

As a process...

...creative coaching uses dynamic, experiential techniques to actively engage senses emotions and thoughts. From practical experiential activities - stimulating ideas and imagination using visual imagery, movement, action, colour and sound - through to quiet reflection, listening and silence - the aim is to unlock client potential using any one or all sensory perceptions, kinaesthetic and cerebral.

As an organisation...

... CreativeCoaching.eu was established to develop, share and actively promote the use of creative techniques to enhance the coaching experience and develop more meaningful, sustainable outcomes. We welcome coaches, counsellors, mentors, trainers, facilitators and consultants from all professions and specialisms - to join us and share in the benefits of our interactive toolkit and coaching blog.

Equally applicable in all coaching and development relationships; one-to-one or team coaching, executive, business, personal life or career coaching, face-to-face or distance coaching... the list is as endless as the coaching opportunities themselves.

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Looking for a creative coach or supervisor?

Our extensive associate network offers over 100 years collective experience in delivering results for leadership, behavioural and cultural development across a broad range of international private and public sector organisations. Our qualified, experienced coaches and supervisors are passionate about people, their needs and development and about making learning journeys, meaningful, interactive and fun! Our approach to continuous personal and professional development also ensures that we are in the forefront of the latest research and initiatives in our fields with both lecturing and alumni links to organisations such as INSEAD, the London Business School, Institute for Leadership and Management, EMCC, CIPD, Associations for Coaching and Business Psychology...

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